Zabo unveils ‘Platform’ to help advisors monitor cryptocurrency assets

Zabo unveils ‘Platform’ to help advisors monitor cryptocurrency assets

Financial data aggregator, Zabo has recently launched- Portfolio- a new offering developed for Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Advisors to monitor and manage bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets of clients through a white-labeled portfolio platform.

Reportedly, the portfolio allows advisors to engage with clients on cryptocurrency and also builds additional revenue opportunities by enhancing assets under management.

it is evident that cryptocurrency has gained considerable recognition in the last couple of years and has emerged as a common asset class for both companies and individuals. As per a study carried out by the University of Cambridge, currently there are close to 200 million cryptocurrency wallets, which is 300% above the levels in 2016.

In a similar context, Grayscale- one of the prominent cryptocurrency investment product providers, grew by 900% amid the rising demand for investments in both cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in the year 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Seemingly, a survey conducted by Bitwise on advisor's attitudes towards digital assets showcased that nearly 76% of the advisors received questions pertaining to cryptocurrency and 72% believed that the clients were investing in cryptocurrency outside their advisory connection.

Hence, by not measuring cryptocurrency holdings, advisors are disregarding the interest of the clients and also missing out on opportunities to include digital assets under management and collecting related fee revenue.

Notably, Portfolio offered by Zabo tackles the aforementioned issues by providing advisors a simplified yet powerful way to monitor and study client’s cryptocurrency holdings in real-time. Moreover, Portfolio carries the capability to track leading exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase as well as self-custody wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

All in all, Portfolio supports various cryptocurrencies and integrations with over 50 leading wallets and exchanges, offering detailed balance and transaction history for all.

Citing reliable sources, Zabo has also announced two initial partnerships for Portfolio, namely- SmartKX and the Certified Digital Asset Advisor or CDAA.

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