Voyager Digital Limited becomes member of the Blockchain Association

Voyager Digital Limited becomes member of the Blockchain Association

U.S.-based Voyager Digital Limited has reportedly announced that it has joined the Blockchain Association that comprises of industry leaders endorsing collaboration and innovation needed for supporting American leadership of the cryptocurrency market.

According to Steve Ehrilch, the CEO and Co-founder of Voyager Digital, being a member of the Blockchain Association is a privilege for Voyager. Having an active voice for influencing crypto policy and blockchain is more crucial than ever as the industry secures unprecedented traction at the federal and public levels.

Ehrilch also added that there must be an evolution in government regulations and the company’s existing legal infrastructure. Furthermore, in some cases, it must undergo entire transformation for addressing the requirements of the rapidly expanding crypto sector.

For the record, Voyager will be the newest member that would be onboarded to the Blockchain Association. This would allow the company to play a dynamic role in initiatives that help in shaping public policy for the blockchain and crypto industry for ensuring the adoption of the highest of standards.

As per Dan Spuller, the Director of Industry Affairs, Blockchain Association, the organization is excited to know that Voyager Digital has joined it. Blockchain Association’s team is looking forward towards working closely with Voyager for the improvement of the public policy environment as the organization grows this exciting and new technological frontier.

By becoming a member of the Blockchain Association, Voyager will be able to participate in working groups that address issues that are vital to the company as well as the crypto industry as a whole. These issues comprise litigation, securities, custody, regulation, privacy, diversity, staking, and more.

In addition, Voyager will also be capable of taking active part in policy processes by contributing to legislation, comment letters, and other documents. It is to be noted that Voyager becomes member of the Blockchain Association with other pioneers in the market, comprising Fireblocks, AAVE, and Circle Grayscale.

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