Virtual Private Server Market Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast to 2025

Virtual Private Server Market Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast to 2025

The virtual private server market analysis document represents a detailed collection of prioritized market definitions, industry scope and reach, and pivotal industry insights. Information about the many pitfalls of the market as well as the frequent challenges encountered by core industry players have been summarized in the report. That apart, the document also endorses details about the numerous driving parameters impacting the revenue landscape of this vertical.

Increasing pace of digital transformation across numerous business verticals has driven virtual private server market in recent years, along with introduction to virtual network technologies within commercial space. Gradual upsurge in the costs of building and maintaining own physical servers to meet the needs of an organization has allowed the penetration of cost-effective and easily scalable virtual private servers (VPS). VPS can be an isolated microsystem that caters to the requirements of an individual or a business by providing an enhanced privacy and control over security.

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The era of digitalization has allowed the boom in web designing and development businesses, with nearly 79% of web developers in the world witnessing more than 25% client growth in 2017. Emerging economies like India have particularly witnessed major growth in the development and designing of websites in creative, health & fitness and education domains. These web professionals require hosting tools that are easy to use and has the agility and power to meet the needs of their several clients. virtual private server market enables professionals to host and build powerful and fast websites and ensure business growth.

GoDaddy, a webhosting company, has developed VPS hosting for end users to have easier control of the hosting solutions, helping them to serve their customers better. GoDaddy recently unveiled its fourth generation VPS hosting products which will simplify managing server environments for designers and developers in India, get sites ready in minutes, save time and increase performance. The advancement and accessibility of hosting services across developing nation will expand the scope of virtual private server market in the coming years.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly opting for virtual drive technologies and are expected to account for a significant portion of global industry revenues over the forecast period. SMEs have switched to VPS services after replacing physicals servers that limited their capacity and diverted vital financial resources towards maintaining the systems. VPS models are convenient for SMEs due to the easy payments, as they only pay for the services they have availed. Since many enterprises lack the funding to build their own private networks and hosting platforms, virtual private server market offers them a pocket-friendly solution for digital needs.

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Asia-Pacific region is home to large number of SMEs who are shifting to digital platforms to manage business operations. Reportedly, APAC virtual private server market size is poised to register a CAGR of 20% over the forecast period. Developing countries like China and India are witnessing support from the government for virtualized data centers. The massive population in this region has increased the number of internet users, subsequently encouraging companies to go online and proliferating VPS hosting services.

Bluehost, Linode, Plesk International, OVH Group, Digitalocean and Savari Technologies are some of the key players constituting the competitive hierarchy of the industry.

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