VEWC unveils BBI platform; aims to resolve commodity trading issues

VEWC unveils BBI platform; aims to resolve commodity trading issues

With cryptocurrency gaining prominence, companies have started to seize a prominent position in the industry altogether. In one such instance recently, Via East West Capital announced launching the BigBoys Industry (BBI), a robust commodity trading platform that has been built to resolve umpteen issues faced within the commodity trading scene, including environmental regulatory challenges, fraud, transparency, and others.

For the record, the BBI platform has been developed to offer its investors the ability to monitor real-time production number 24*7, regardless of the location where they are based. In line with this, the technology allows investors to regulate their daily profits, production data, and GPS tracking of all excavators and trucks during production.

All the records are then stored within the blockchain to be further analyzed by their AI technology. It has been claimed that this AI technique is responsible for supervisory and monitoring control of almost all the processes. Another important feature offered for the company’s crucial investors is the ability to present UAV Drones that are capable of analyzing the mine in real-time.

Alongside the BBI platform, VEWC has also reportedly launched BBI Tokens. Unlike BTC and other crypto currencies, the BBI Token boasts of a real physical value: gold, which is produced almost every month. This step would allow investors to exchange their BBI Tokens for its gold equal at an authenticated partner bank.

Besides, these tokens represent a physical investment in the operation of various lucrative gold mines and by purchasing these, customers are able to position themselves to benefit from both the increase in the value of gold and a subtle increase in its production.

As per credible reports, people who choose to invest in BigBoys Industry would be able to invest and trade in gold at the production price, which is claimed to be significantly lower than the market price. All further production of gold is expected to be distributed as a dividend to the investors.

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