Ubitquity ropes in LavaTrust to use blockchain in the real estate closing sector

Ubitquity ropes in LavaTrust to use blockchain in the real estate closing sector

Ubitquity LLC , a Delaware-based leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, has reportedly teamed up with LavaTrust Consultancy to achieve key insights into the US real estate closing industry.

LavaTrust Consultancy is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver that focuses on offering its industry expertise in the U.S. and Canada real estate sector along with the global digital assets industry. The company has been seeking to streamline the real estate industry through the use of blockchain or distributed ledger technology DLT.

Joy Case, CEO of LavaTrust, was reportedly quoted stating that the company primarily focuses on education and consultation and will achieve certain alignment with Ubitquity which is a prominent name in the real estate applications for blockchain technology.  

She added that Ubitquity comprises of many blockchain-based products that may serve the industry through advanced efficiency, rising security in the transaction process, reduced friction & increased agility in the closing lifecycle, alternative revenue streams for its partners, parallel recordkeeping data storage, and future-proofed settlement solutions, among many others.

She also mentioned that due to the emergence of regulatory clarity in the US pertaining to stablecoins and banks now transacting through cryptocurrencies, Ubitquity will offer an autonomous future-compatible settlement solution through its SmartEscrow platform to the upcoming decentralized finance or DeFi real estate sector.

Along similar lines, LavaTrust will work towards opening up new channels and opportunities for both the companies to restructure the obsolete technology and business processes with greater reliability and efficacy of DLT-led solutions.

It is worth mentioning that, Ubitquity has many Blockchain as a Service tool available on its wide platform called – ‘unanimity’ which has been integrated across many key sectors like real estate and aviation for title closing and escrow support, digital, hybrid, and paper notary support, title abstracting, document management, and smart contract management.

Source Credit: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2021/02/172481-enterprise-blockchain-platform-for-real-estate-ubitquity-is-partnering-lavatrust-to-streamline-closing-operations/