tZERO ATS partners with DigiShares to offer liquidity to its issuers

tZERO ATS partners with DigiShares to offer liquidity to its issuers

tZERO, a prominent blockchain innovation and liquidity for digital assets company, has reportedly announced that its subsidiary, tZERO ATS, a broker-dealer member of FINRA that operates an alternative trading system (ATS), has partnered with DigiShares for connecting issuers of digital securities of DigiShares with the tZERO ATS.

DigiShares’ network reportedly comprises of several investment fund managers, asset managers, renewables project developers, real estate developers, etc. who are based across the U.S., Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa.

Credible sources suggest that this partnership will allow issuers from DigiShares to provide secondary liquidity for their digital securities, while complying with due diligence and regulatory requirements of tZERO ATS. This deal is expected to increase tZERO’s access to potential equity crowdfunding, real estate and other different types of digital security issuers that are looking for secondary liquidity.

In this regard, CEO of tZERO, Saum Noursalehi stated that DigiShares is a progressive company and is aware of the huge potential of asset tokenization, especially in the field of traditionally illiquid real estate. tZERO ATS is looking forward to offering the issuers of DigiShare an innovative solution for developing secondary liquidity, Noursalehi added.

Meanwhile, CEO of DigiShares, Claus Skaaning stated that the company is inclined on enhancing the efficiency of token sale and the processes pertaining to cap table management in order to streamline asset tokenization.

DigiShares’ diverse customer base of issuers can now connect with tZERO ATS which is an industry leading secondary liquidity platform for digital securities. Skaaning added that the company is excited to collaborate with tZERO, as the latter shares its vision of linking traditional finance with blockchain.

For the record, DigiShares is a Denmark-based company that offers white-label solutions for issuance, trading of digital securities and corporate management and holds reputed relationships with F10, Polymath, UPRETS and Alcion among others.

Speaking of tZERO, it is a renowned technology company and subsidiary of Medici Ventures which is a blockchain-focused, fully owned subsidiary of, Inc.

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