The Chopra Foundation and EarthFund team up to launch NeverAlone token

The Chopra Foundation and EarthFund team up to launch NeverAlone token

California-based wellness organization, The Chopra Foundation, has reportedly partnered with EarthFund, a crypto crowdfunding platform, for the launch of its first cause token, NeverAlone.

NeverAlone is a project dedicated to supporting emotional and mental health as well as wellness in various forms, and the token will support mental wellbeing projects across the globe.

The two entities plan on kicking off their partnership as Mental Health Awareness Month comes up in May.

The token will enable people to take part in a new radical approach of crowdfunding, and support projects that will have a real impact on suicide prevention, mental wellbeing, and awareness among people.

Actress Gabriella Wright, co-founder of NeverAlone, expressed the organization’s excitement in fulfilling its vision for NeverAlone by ensuring democratized access to mental wellbeing. Wright stated that the token will help in building and empowering a strong global community that needs to be heard, even more than before.

Adam Boalt, co-founder of Earth Fund, said that the firm is honored in having NeverAlone being launched as the first cause token on its platform.

Boalt stated that the company was started to build a platform where people will have more voice in things that matter to them, and NeverAlone’s mission of starting a global movement to support emotional and mental wellbeing aligns perfectly with that.

EarthFund will be swapping its own token, 1Earth, with the NeverAlone token, which will allow users to join Gabriella Wright and The Chopra Foundation’s MD, Deepak Chopra, in an online community, as well as crowdfund a treasure and take a decision as a community over which project will receive the funding it requires for making a difference.

Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of NeverAlone, said that the collaboration will ensure complete transparency, easy communication, independence, decentralized decision making, and community engagement for project sponsorship with the help of Web 3.0.

Deepak Chopra stated that EarthFund’s platform allows everyone to participate and have a voice in making the world healthier, peaceful, joyful, as well as more sustainable, hence why the organization chose to collaborate with them.

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