Terbine, Flash Labs to introduce blockchain security for smart cities

Terbine, Flash Labs to introduce blockchain security for smart cities

Complementing the expanding scope of blockchain technology worldwide, Terbine- a pioneer in data exchange for Internet of Things, has announced signing a potential partnership deal with Flash Labs Corporation in an effort to introduce blockchain-based security to sensor data for smart city transactions.

Speculations have it that the companies’ offerings would provide an all new level of trust and control for smart cities and client connecting infrastructure information, with municipal and commercial clients being the ones leveraging full benefits of the technology.

As per credible sources, the partnership between Flash Labs and Terbine builds upon an effective data exchange to deliver greater sanctity of data. With these companies working in co-ordination, the information of what is produced and consumed by the machines would be taken into consideration and made discoverable by systems, processes, and people that will help create a smarter society in the near future.

Commenting on the strategic alliance, Flash Lab’s CEO and COO, Michael Woods stated that machine data produced by cities is generally used in mission applications that pose risk to the safety, security, and quality of life of the citizens. In this case, the companies have come together to ensure proper safety during the transaction procedures across various cities.

He added that merging the company’s expertise and technologies with that of Terbine’s would allow Flash Labs to make sure that a city’s infrastructural data is managed effectively, in a relatively secure and trustworthy manner.

On the other hand, David Knight, CEO of Terbine, quoted that by utilizing the technologies of today including 5G, blockchain, AI, and edge computing, the company is looking forward to making data accessible by current and next-gen applications which is deemed to be as ubiquitous and straightforward as any other mobile application.

He further added that the company has been successful in overcoming major issues that have thus far limited the expansive usage and monetization of infrastructure data, and with this novel move, the company is focusing on achieving greater heights in the years to come.

Source Credit: https://aithority.com/technology/blockchain/terbine-and-flash-labs-partner-to-bring-distributed-security-to-smart-cities-transactions/