Technology giant Nvidia to limit the use of RTX 3060 to mine Ethereum

Technology giant Nvidia to limit the use of RTX 3060 to mine Ethereum

Nvidia, the leading multinational technology giant, is reportedly attempting again to curb the use of its RTX 3060 GPU for mining Ethereum, with a novel update yet again including a hash limiter to the GPU.

Although this is not the first time that technology giant has attempted to nerf the performance of mining on the RTX 3060. Nvidia first rolled out novel drivers that were meant to limit the Ethereum mining’s hash rate by over 50% in February.

Head of global GeForce marketing, Nvidia, Matt Wuebbling, stated that the firm designed GeForce GPUs for gamers and players are demanding for more.

Wuebbling added Nvidia also introduced a brand-new product, namely Nvidia Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, which is a dedicated GPU intended specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

But the update lasted for a short time, with Nvidia managing to inadvertently unlock its own limit in a beta drive launched in March, undoing its previous job. The tech giant will go on to prove that the novel driver was a mistake, however it was already late. The new updated driver was already released in the public and RTX 3060 holders were able to download it and shun the new limitations.

The brand-new GeForce 466.27 driver, however, gets back the original limit, while noting that it would be needed for all upcoming RTX 3060 cards beginning in May. The tech giant might be looking to put in extra hash rate limits to other cards as well.

As per report, Nvidia is working on an updated version of Lite Hash Rate (LHR) GPUs in the other RTX 30-series cards which includes RTX 3060 Ti, 3080, and 3070 models. This is mainly to aid discourage cryptocurrency miners from buying the limited stock before gaming-focused clients could. Only the best quality RTX 3090 might be exempted, since $1,500 worth rate tag makes it of very limited value for mining jobs.

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