Tech Mahindra allies with StaTwig to deploy 'VaccineLedger' blockchain

Tech Mahindra allies with StaTwig to deploy 'VaccineLedger' blockchain

Tech Mahindra, an Indian multinational company that delivers information technology and business process outsourcing services, has collaborated with StaTwig, a digital supply chain solution provider based in Singapore and Hyderabad, to deploy blockchain-based vaccine tracking solution 'VaccineLedger' globally.

The partnership aims at introducing the blockchain-based solution for transparency in vaccine supply chain and to predict and avoid failures in supply chains, such as expired vaccines, stock out, and counterfeiting globally.

Through this collaboration, Tech Mahindra and StaTwig will create a global consortium of vaccine researchers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare workers, governments, and distributors. StaTwig will utilize the go-to-market expertise of Tech Mahindra, including exposure to sales and client networks, domain experience, system integration knowledge, balance sheet assistance, and resource scaling.

Tech Mahindra has also pumped funds in developing and testing various corporate security modules for mobile and web applications to serve the specific needs of manufacturers and state governments.

Rajesh Dhuddu, Tech Mahindra’s Blockchain and Cybersecurity Practice Leader, stated that wastage of life-saving drugs like vaccinations should be handled as soon as possible, and the industry must work together to find a solution. With the joint venture with StaTwig, supply chain participants will improve tracing and chain of custody with a single application.

This would assure the security and validity of vaccination supplies, and will also aid in compliance with complex regulatory standards established by the Drug Administration Authority in any country.

Blockchain is constantly growing to become a major pillar in the company's digital transformation portfolio and is quickly becoming a major component of Tech Mahindra's vast range of business verticals.

As part of the NXT.NOW framework, which strives to improve the Human Centric Experience, the Indian tech company is constantly emphasizing on investing in developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that empower digital transformation and meet the rising need of consumers.

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