Tautachrome partners with Kompendium to include NFT services in ARknet

Tautachrome partners with Kompendium to include NFT services in ARknet

Kompendium is working towards building various blockchain-led features that will provide the ARknet community the ability to tokenize their content within the platform

American software company- Tautachrome has reportedly signed a partnership with Kompendium LLC to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) or NFT-led services into its ARknet platform. Kompendium is a leading software development company that offers Blockchain-based business solutions in data assurance, identity, tokenization, and service integration.

Jason K. Gregoire, Director, Kompendium, was reportedly quoted stating that the innovative AR platform of Arknet has been designed to support several blockchain technology’s features. He further mentioned that combining these services using advanced technologies such as Factom Protocol will help expand the ways in which ARknet may offer value to its users, businesses, and various platform organizations.  

For the record, Kompendium along with Kelecorix Inc.- a prominent research and development company is designing several blockchain-powered features which will offer the ARknet community the right to tokenize user and business-generated content within its system.   

In line with the above, the inclusion of NFTs into the ARknet system builds upon the patented technology of Tautachrome and also offers an opportunity to integrate patented systems with open NFT standards for business applications and user services.  

Sources close to the partnership claim that the token services by ARknet will use Ethereum and Factom Protocol blockchain technology. The Factom Protocol will add an advanced data-agnostic decentralized data cover that will be able to handle the various business and technological needs on the ARknet platform.

Additionally, innovative technology offered by Tautachrome will be able to leverage Ethereum-based features with the use of a smart contract-led bridge that connects Factom and Ethereum Protocol networks.  

Sergey Bushnyak, Lead Engineer at Kompendium & Kelecorix CTO, that they are thrilled to work with Tautachrome’s energized and forward-looking team that is eager to add new features and services to the ARknet platform.

Source Credit: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/05/17/2230878/0/en/Tautachrome-OTC-TTCM-Partners-with-Kompendium-LLC-for-NFT-Integration-into-ARknet-NFT-Services-to-Leverage-the-Factom-Protocol-and-Ethereum.html