SutimCo Inc. adds new blockchain software to its encrypted portfolio

SutimCo Inc. adds new blockchain software to its encrypted portfolio

The management aims to launch self-developed NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies development corporation, SutimCo has reportedly unveiled a newly modified and updated business plan alongside a 2022 master development program.

The corporation recently acquired a series of software packages and programming in order to advance its own secure and encrypted systems. To prevent getting overpowered by its several sister companies, SUTI will leverage the developed codes to introduce its own NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Beyond the new market space expansion, SUTI’s management is also committing to build transactional relationships with banks, merchant processing, traders, and financial institutions to focus on CBD and MJ growing sectors of the economy.

SUTI CEO, Edward Vasker shed light on the need for safe and secure blockchain technology for accelerating SUTI’s efforts to transact with its suppliers, clients, and end users, eliminating the probability of bank-oriented barriers and glitches faced by regulated institutions.

Cherry on the cake, this acquisition will lend SUTI capabilities to introduce its own MJ NFTs and cryptocurrencies to the market in Q2, ultimately scaling up the company’s asset base, propel the balance sheet and contribute to shareholders value.

Interestingly, the management got rid of multiple debt notes brought in by previous owners and reduced the OS. The precise number of shares stand at 1 billion with the final count yet to be disclosed.

The development corporation is committed to next generation secured and encrypted systems, fostering the world of digital currencies, NFA assets and NFT, which rely on Blockchain and secured platforms to facilitate banking, currencies processing, transactions, and merchandizing.

In recent times, the company has also dedicated efforts in the mushrooming market for medicinal and recreational use of Marijuana and Cannabis.

As of now, the company is focused on strengthening relationships and building contracts with product as well as service providers that fall under the new and emerging market sector, in line with the aim to develop its own currency for MJ trade.

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