SpiderOak & Lockheed Martin enter a blockchain collaboration

SpiderOak & Lockheed Martin enter a blockchain collaboration

SpiderOak, a US-based provider of collaboration tools, online backup, and file hosting services, has recently announced that it is working with American aerospace corporation Lockheed Martin on developing a blockchain solution for securing satellite communications.

Lockheed’s Space Mission Resolutions manufactures various satellites, including the military ones for ISR. Last year, SpiderOak received a small business grant for developing its OrbitSecure platform from the U.S Airforce, which forms the basis for the deal with Lockheed Martin.

Looking forward at corporate security, most organizations have developed a network perimeter safeguarded by firewalls for ensuring that only the trusted parties can communicate within the network.

However, that security model did not fare well for cloud-hosted services and thereby generated the need for a new model denoted as zero-trust security whose key principles include guaranteeing that the data is always encrypted and verified continuously for who has access to which resources.

Satellites have been working similarly, with a single party operating the payload, craft and ground support network. But spacecraft have advanced to have different parties involved in these aspects, building the requirement for a multiparty network.

Hence, OrbitSecure leverages a permissioned blockchain for sharing access and control of assets and surveillance, leveraging end-to-end encryption.

It offers proof of authority, identity and integrity, verified by every agent within the network.

SBIR portfolio manager for Lockheed Martin Space, Joe Epstein said that cyber security is crucial for customers as it ensures that their intelligence missions and national security needs are robust.

He continued that Lockheed Martin is always looking for innovative firms who are willing to contribute increased capabilities and better security to these critical missions of the government. The U.S. Air Force SBIR contract is a viable example of how the government and both large- and small-scale industries can work together.

Source Credit - https://www.ledgerinsights.com/lockheed-martin-blockchain-to-secure-satellite-communications/