Sortium makes world’s first living NFTs using CRISPR DNA technology

Sortium makes world’s first living NFTs using CRISPR DNA technology

Sortium Blockchain Studio, a leading provider of Web3 technology, has reportedly developed the world’s first living 3D non-fungible tokens (NFTs) integrating on-chain DNA with the help of a its own creature design that uses CRISPR DNA algorithms that enable emergent characteristics for 3D creatures named ‘Kymera’.

Each and every Kymera NFT is expected to offer the user peer-to-peer centered social engagement opportunities within an extended reality three dimensional game environment, driven by a Sortium-built decentralized exchange engine. The NFT-encoded phenotypes and genotypes, along with on-chain genetic CRISPR algorithms as well as DNA evolution, are at the root of the Kymera creation simulator.

Each Kymera is represented by dedicated data in both chains, forming a digital life representation that users can engage with, care for, develop, split, and ultimately compete for a unique experience that goes well beyond any blockchain or NFTs application seen currently.

All of Kymera's information and DNA are rolled up into two 'Double Helix' Mind & Body blockchains. Through the different generations of Kymera, the Double Helix would seed new Kymera embedded with ‘Instinct’, providing emergent characteristics and experiences that is generationally shared.

As more DNA and AI algorithms are developed, Double Helix would be responsible for supplying a global network of evolution that facilitates the advancement and enhancement of Kymera's DNA as well as AI algorithms.

Marc Seal, CEO, Sortium, stated that it is just the start of what will be a massive surge in mainstream demand for the gamification of NFTs. By introducing Deep Learning AI as well as genetic algorithms to the sector for a newer category of collectors, Sortium's living NFTs will drive the market to the next evolutionary level.

Sortium's world-class team has a proven track record of building unequaled custom Web3 platforms that improve accessibility and open up new pathways for community, enjoyment, and wealth, laying the groundwork for others to build on.

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