Sony & Theta Labs partner over launching 3D NFTs for SR Display

Sony & Theta Labs partner over launching 3D NFTs for SR Display

Japanese tech conglomerate, Sony is collaborating with Theta Labs, the inventor of Theta blockchain, to launch 3D non-fungible token (NFT) assets that are developed for the Sony Spatial Reality (SR) Display and are designed for 3D viewing.

Confirming the move, Sony said that it is planning to issue ten “Tiki Guy” NFTs, and is working on two-dimensional variants as well.

For the record, Sony SR (Spatial Reality) Display is a tablet that uses technologies like 3D enhancements and Augmented Reality. Sony recently published a video on its official Youtube channel to demonstrate the SRD device and the technologies the tablet uses.

As per the video description, Sony’s legacy of pioneering visual and spatial realities amalgamate into a farfetched 3D visual experience that has high contrast, detailed texture, and shining brightness that comes together to build a portal to another world.

Sony’s VP of business development, Nick Colsey believes that NFT will augment the experience of SRD which plans to integrate metaverse and NFTs concepts into the device’s offerings. Three-dimensional NFTs are a promising way to demonstrate the potential of Sony’s SRD (Spatial Reality Display) for metaverse collectors and enthusiasts, said Colsey.

The partnership between Theta Labs and Sony follows the Theta Hackathon and Bridgetower Capital unveiling a Theta Enterprise Validator Node. However, THETA (Theta network) lost a value of around 86.1% against the US dollar since last April of 2021.

Furthermore, the stats for 30-days show that THETA has been down by 33.7% since last month. Considering the 17 blockchains allotted NFTs, the Theta network is said to be the 14th major in sales volume.

Theta has also witnessed $14.74 million in NFT sales through 1,159 sellers, 1,279 buyers, and 8,165 transactions in terms of all-time statistics.

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