Solve.Care joins forces with GBA to promote blockchain technology

Solve.Care joins forces with GBA to promote blockchain technology

Solve.Care, a blockchain-based healthcare platform company, has reportedly become an authorized member of the GBA (Government Blockchain Association), a non–profit organization that intends to promote blockchain technology by empowering organizations and individuals to connect, collaborate, and communicate to solve the challenges faced by the public sector globally.

In conjunction with GBA's long term goal to connect organizations and people with technology-based solutions, Solve.Care offers a patient-centric healthcare model, leveraging blockchain technology to minimize inefficiencies in the healthcare business and enhance access to quality care for everyone.

As per sources, Solve.Care is now a part of the world's largest blockchain association (GBA) and will collaborate with a global network of professionals, including government agencies, academia and researchers, to encourage blockchain adoption, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Reportedly, GBA has around 6,000 registered organizational and individual members in approximately 120 cities globally. In addition to this, it hosts local meetups for about 40,000 people worldwide.

CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel stated that blockchain technology offers a real solution to many problems. From the economy to public well-being and healthcare to education, the technology will significantly support transformative growth in a variety of industries.

By joining forces with GBA, their firm aims to use its expertise to implement equal and effective care to the global audience. By working with a committed team of professionals, they will leverage the benefits that GBA provides to promote the technology that the firm believes in and contribute to its long-term objectives.

With this membership, Solve.Care will support establishing and sponsoring the best practices of the healthcare industry for blockchain technology-related solutions that government agencies can adopt in the United States and worldwide for the benefit of society.

Furthermore, the company will benefit from delivering and engaging in education, training, and certifications, like the GBA Blockchain Consulting Certification.

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