Soft Exoskeleton Market Growth by Emerging Trends Analysis and Forecasts 2025

Soft Exoskeleton Market Growth by Emerging Trends Analysis and Forecasts 2025

A detailed analysis of the soft exoskeleton market is entailed in this research report. The driving forces responsible for propelling the growth graph of this vertical in addition to the regional and competitive trends are mentioned in the study. A comprehensive document comprising details about vital parameters such as the industry ecosystem analysis, market segmentation, and the vendor matrix, the market report also contains information on the pivotal industry insights for core players to look out for.

Increasing usage of exoskeletons in industrial, military, and healthcare sectors is driving the growth prospects of soft exoskeleton market. Although the idea of anchoring the body with soft textile materials is a fundamentally new way of using a wearable robot, this technology possesses immense potential to provide mobility assistance or physical therapy for individuals suffering from diseases such as strokes, spinal cord ailments, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

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A substantial increase in R&D investments by industry players to improve the exoskeleton technology has emerged as a major factor in boosting the commercialization prospects of soft exoskeleton market share. Owing to these exoskeleton research efforts, a range of new versatile and affordable medical devices are being developed to treat millions of stroke survivors and patients with gait impairment at U.S. rehabilitation clinics. For instance, ReWalk Robotics – one of the foremost makers of robotic medical devices – recently announced that its ReStore soft exo-suit system has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in rehabilitation centers across the nation.

Stroke is a leading cause of disability in as many as 17 million people worldwide each year. In this context, the development of highly advanced soft exoskeleton suits and systems like ReStore would assist physical therapists to treat stroke survivors with mobility challenges. Moreover, the applications of soft exoskeletons in enabling effective performance in exercise repetitions of patients in equal amount of time is favoring soft exoskeleton market trends over the recent years.

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Owing to the increasing occurrences of neurological disorders and spinal cord injuries, the upper and lower body soft exoskeleton market size was estimated to be more than USD 700,000 in the year 2018. Growing geriatric population along with increasing investments in the product development would ensure that the upper and lower body product segment remains at the forefront in driving industry trends in the forecast years.

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