Skin Tightening Market Top Trends, COVID-19 Impact Analysis 2021-2026

Skin Tightening Market Top Trends, COVID-19 Impact Analysis 2021-2026

The skin tightening market is expected to grow at an exponential rate in view of rising demand for skincare treatments and growing trend of looking youthful, a vogue gripping among ageing population. Skin tightening treatment is often opted by people who want to enhance their skin texture and tone. By using several skin tightening techniques, which include laser, ultrasound skin tightening devices and radiofrequency, practitioners specializing in cosmetic procedure are helping patients attain their desired skin texture. Getting influenced by celebrities and rising emphasis on attaining younger looking skin will raise the demand for such treatment over time. According to GMI the skin tightening market is expected to exceed USD 990 million between 2020 to 2026.

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Based on product type, the skin tightening industry is segmented into ultrasound skin tightening, laser skin tightening, and radiofrequency skin tightening. The laser skin tightening is one of the approved methods for reduction of lines, wrinkles and skin laxity by the FDA. Reports suggest that the segment may account for around 10% CAGR over the forecast period.

The demand for laser skin treatments is growing at an incremental rate as it is one of the safest ways to get tightened skin. Laser skin treatment is conducted by extremely trained specialists or cosmetic dermatologists and requires 3 to 5 sessions as per the size and location of the skin area. Growing awareness of the benefits of laser skin tightening are expected to drive segment growth.

The skin tightening market specific to homecare settings may witness around 12% CAGR during the projected timeframe. Certain ultrasound skin tightening devices can be used at home without any permit to operate or skilled professional training. The product tightens the skins and removes the lines and wrinkles by boosting the skin gristle production. Many companies are now focusing on launching portable skin tightening devices which can be easily used at home. Implementation of such initiatives will boost the demand of such devices and will result in positive impact on the market size for skin tightening market.

With presence of a large number of plastic surgeons and increasing adoption rate of affordable skin tightening procedures, the Asia Pacific skin tightening industry is estimated to register promising growth over time. The regional market held for a 19% share in the year 2019. High disposable income across developed economies like South Korea will expand the overall industry growth. Men as well as women are willing to seek skincare treatment as well as individuals who are facing various skin conditions. They are also willing to pay the cost of treatments along with multiple visits to the hospitals or clinics. This increase in demand of skin treatment is very much driven and followed because of the social media trends and promotion by celebrities. It is projected that this will reinforce the market growth of the skin treatment Industry.

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Notably, some of the prominent companies in the skin tightening industry include SharpLight Technologies, Lynton Lasers Ltd, Beijing HONKON Technologies, Cynosure (Hologic), Allergan (Abbvie), Solta Medical (BAUSCH HEALTH COMPANIES), Venus Concept, Project E Beauty, Alma Lasers (Sisram), and Cutera.

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