Sensorium unveils blockchain-based business unit 'Sensorium DLT'

Sensorium unveils blockchain-based business unit 'Sensorium DLT'

Sensorium Corp., a virtual reality media platform, has recently inaugurated Sensorium DLT, a new business branch devoted to blockchain-based technology and crypto services. The new unit will expand on the firms vast knowhow in the digital asset sector, providing solutions suited for specific demands of organizations and partners in the entertainment industry.

The launches comes after Sensorium recognized considerable market prospects in blockchain-based services to address the needs of the entertainment industry. The company discovered that DLT-solutions can drive user retention and address growing market potential as exemplified by the rapid migration to all-digital payment ecosystems and exponential rise in digital currencies from business organizations and individual consumers.

Sensorium DLT will focus on three core services, namely blockchain infrastructure, NFTs and digital asset management services. These services will be based on Sensorium's expertise in building and optimizing crypto-based functionalities.

The blockchain infrastructure service will cover BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service), Token Development & Launch, and Market Creation Support, and will focus on boosting the efficiency of entertainment firms. The implementation of dApp solutions and the implementation of strategies to connect a vast array of DLT goods will also prove useful.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) service will support partners will fully enhance NFT and DFT solutions by adding flexibility and expanding current uses of digital certificates to new fields within entertainment, such as gaming, metaverses, multimedia, and sports.

Sensorium DLT would also consider the option of providing digital asset management services that operate with variety of coins and utility tokens, as well as assisting clients in navigating complex blockchain-based settings.

Deputy CEO of Sensorium, Alex Blagirev, said - Blockchain has been at the core of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. However, as they edge closer to wide adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, it had become critical to update the infrastructure to include more products and techniques that can meet the digital demands of the users and clients.

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