Safello acquires; aims to create new growth opportunities

Safello acquires; aims to create new growth opportunities

Swedish fintech firm, Safello has recently made it to the headlines following its acquisition of Rational Money AB, a company behind Sweden’s prominent educational portal on cryptocurrencies, For the record, 2012 established plays an eminent role in educating and informing the Swedish public about the subjects related to cryptocurrencies and the surrounding ecosystem.

Speculations have it that the acquisition comes to post the company’s successful alliance period between and Safello, where the former made use of Safello’s Partner Widget product. In turn, contributed to the trades producing a considerable part of Safello’s turnover during the past six months.

It has been reported that through’s acquisition, Safello is looking forward to observe significant synergies that are expected to increase the firm’s profitability while also creating lucrative opportunities for new customer generation and its stellar growth.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO of Safello, Frank Schuil quoted that the company’s alliance with David Hedqvist; the Founder of; and his team has extended over the years and the company shares the objectives and values of the and David. He announced that Safello is excited for David to continue to his journey in association with Safello.

On the other hand, David Hedqvist cited that his relationship with Safello over the past few years has been one of the mutual respect and he is convinced that the team is just the right company to take on the task of preserving his values and motives towards cryptocurrency education and popularity.

The news of the acquisition comes on the heels of latest announcement about various industry veterans’ appointment to Safello’s Board of Directors. Speaking of which, Christina Ploom formerly served as a COO at Spotlight Stock Market and boasts of leading positions at Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority and Nasdaq.

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