RFOX Games announces NFT IP collaboration with MarvelousNFTs

RFOX Games announces NFT IP collaboration with MarvelousNFTs

RedFOX Labs, a Vietnamese emerging tech internet company, has recently announced strengthening its NFT revolution through a strategic partnership of RFOX Games with MarvelousNFTs. This alliance is projected to release BAD DAYS KOGs’ new Edition soon.

For information, RFOX Games is an inherent arm of RedFOX, which aims to introduce new level of play-to-earn to the gaming industry.

RFOX Games’, along with MarvelousNFTs is anticipated to present BAD DAYS KOGs Special Edition on BSC. For the record, Bad Days forayed into the animation world on YouTube in 2012, portraying a day in superheroes’ lives, after waking up one morning on the wrong side of the bed.

Moreover, with over 3 million views of the first episode, the limited edition KOGs would be in high demand-by more than just avid comic fans. 

Importantly, the leading product and highly sold NFT, KOGS, updates the collectible caps concept of the 90’s and improves it with the utility only a blockchain can offer. KOGS are interoperable, collectible, and have proven to create extra revenue for collectors.

Commenting on the recent accomplishment, RFOX Games’ General Manager, Fadzly Yusof cited that the firm is delighted to work with Marvelous NFTs to present the BAD DAYS KOGs Special Edition. Since the company is made up of gamers and comic fans, STAN LEE has been an innate part of their lives with his undoubtedly best creations.

Fadzly added that the design and funny poses the company has presented for the Special Edition really depict that even the favorite superheroes can have BAD DAYS.

Meanwhile, Damian Rolvink, CEO of MarvelousNFTs mentioned that the organization is pleased to be working with RFOX Games for the release of new BAD DAYS edition. The team takes immense pride in creating this collaboration series and believes that humor is the best medicine during the pandemic times when negativity has been taking over people.

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