RE/MAX partners with Swapin to accept crypto payments from investors

RE/MAX partners with Swapin to accept crypto payments from investors

U.S-based real estate brand, RE/MAX has recently announced that it will be accepting payments in cryptocurrency after joining hands with crypto-to-fiat payments company, Swapin.

RE/MAX is looking forward to accepting high-value cryptocurrencies in exchange for properties for the first time.

Swapin has been collaborating with various companies and enterprises in the wealth sector including property, investments, and luxury items.

The crypto-to-fiat company will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies from buyers and investors who are willing to make purchases using their digital coins. Because of the conversion of crypto-to-fiat, merchants will not have to handle crypto formalities such as compliance, volatility, or accounting.

Swapin has been working on several ways to make crypto transactions easy and simple. The company’s services connect crypto users to their bank accounts and provide an option for both B2B and B2C, letting the receiver accept the crypto payments with shareable links in the tool called Coin Collector.

Furthermore, Swapin offers another tool called E-com, which works similarly to Coin Collector but through embeddable widget, allowing the merchant to collect payment in crypto.

The company’s aim is to connect the crypto industry of the future with the current conventional fiat world and wants to make crypto a regular mode of payment.

Swapin’s Services allows users to pay bills online, set up reminders, recurring payment details and several other features. The users will be able to turn their crypto to cash easily and move their money to an interlinked bank account.

The crypto exchange company recently secured an investment of $1.85 million to go toward several goals, including rolling out two B2B products.

About RE/MAX

RE/MAX is one of the largest real estate firms in the world, with over 6,800 offices and 100,000 agents worldwide. The brand has its reach across 100 countries.

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