Prometheus International announces 1st Crypto Real Estate Project

Prometheus International announces 1st Crypto Real Estate Project

Prometheus International, an international property developer that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, has recently announced a new project called the Royal Blockhouse.

Earlier in 2021, the global developer sold the first villa in the world to be compensated with cryptocurrency in Madeira, Portugal.

The new project has been established in collaboration with some of the major digital influencers of Europe, crypto-asset institutions, and professionals in the field of cryptocurrencies, including Cyberkongz creator Myoo #810, an NFT project which has initiated transactions of more than $200 million

While speaking on the move, Priyesh Patel, CEO and founder of Prometheus International, says that the new initiative is a combination of two major aspects of the blockchain revolution; the first being proprietorship via NFT (non-fungible tokens), along with the infrastructure design; something which is said to be happening in the luxury real state world for the first time.

As per credible sources, the villas will be operating completely on the blockchain, including home automation related to licensing, rent, fees, payment records, entitlements, access, etc.

The NFT property is also similar to The Royal Blockhouse property, with the building sites selected by the first owner of the NFT.

The owner will select the construction site while Prometheus will visit the chosen site with the client, and then the luxury home will be built on the chosen site.

The Royal Blockhouse is said to be available as housing and event spaces in the upcoming metaverse KONG CITY, in association with Cyberkongz, cites the source.

Reportedly, Prometheus International transformed the sector in Madeira last year with the sale of luxury villas in cryptocurrency. Now, Prometheus is heading the blockchain market, indicating the commencement of a reform for crypto-friendly markets in Europe and around the world.

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