Private sector in US to direct USD 8 billion in funds to tackle hunger

Private sector in US to direct USD 8 billion in funds to tackle hunger

United States President Joe Biden has reportedly announced that the countrys private sector would direct a sum of USD 8 billion in order to fight the hunger crisis across the country.

The pledge was reportedly a part of a White House Summit focused on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, the first one to be held after a span of nearly 53 years.

Notably, Biden plans to end hunger and mitigate the prevalence of diet-related diseases in many Americans by the end of 2030. To achieve this goal, Biden has turned to the private sector to contribute to a part of the spending, following Congress’s failure in extending school lunch aid.

Elaborating on the situation, Biden claimed that the ongoing hunger crisis was something that the whole country should rally and fight against.

While the assistance provided by the government over the course of the pandemic managed to satisfy the hunger issue for many US families, the sudden expiration of benefits such as child tax credit payments and subsequent augmentation in the prices of food items, put immense pressure on family budgets over the past few months.

The aforementioned contributions would include a sum of USD 250 million from the nonprofit organization FoodCorps, which will be utilized to provide free and healthy meals in schools, while also extending awareness regarding nutrition among students.

On the other hand, the Food Industry Association has also requested its members to donate leading to a sum of USD 2 billion to food banks and other organizations, while also providing the facility for effectively using food stamps at an online portal.

These private sector initiatives are uncovering massive amounts of stolen funds that were initially supposed to be utilized for food aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials responsible for this operation asserted that they would constantly be in touch with the donors to ensure that the cause attains fruition.

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