Pocket Network rolls out Triforce initiative for blockchain communities

Pocket Network rolls out Triforce initiative for blockchain communities

Web3 infrastructure project, Pocket Network has announced the launch of its new initiative ‘Triforce’ with the aim of supporting the growth of blockchain communities.

With the help of Triforce, Pocket Network will encourage blockchain communities to join its growth trajectory and also offer them the opportunity to strengthen community ties among supported blockchains.

Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network, shed light on the concept of Web3 stating that it is based on open standards as its foundation.

Owing to the constantly evolving internet which continues to shift from a top-down model much like Web2, community-centric models are gaining momentum across key decision-making, project management, and treasury oversight.

According to Michael, Pocket’s Triforce initiative resonates with this narrative and aims to support the core foundation of Web3 which is open discourse and grassroots engagement.

Essentially, each Triforce is made up of three components, collectively known as ‘shards’ designed to offer communities the required tools to thrive in the industry and build a solid presence.

Blockchain communities can leverage the recent support program to get involved and gain expertise across areas such as marketing, DevOps/technical, and business development.

As a blockchain data ecosystem catering to Web3 applications, Pocket Network is a tailored platform for applications that rely on cost-efficient economics for amalgamating and distributing data at scale.

Thanks to Pocket, blockchains can be easily used by integrating into mobile applications, websites, the internet of things (IoT), and more, allowing developers the freedom to demonstrate blockchain-enabled applications via every mainstream consumer ‘pocket’.

Earlier in May, Pocket Network integrated support for NEAR, which is a developer-friendly proof-of-stake public blockchain, aiming to improve the overall experience for developers.

The addition of NEAR support on its network allowed developers to deploy applications across any and every blockchain network that is supported by Pocket Network, eliminating the concerns associated with single points of failure that render a service.

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