Pocket Network & Aave collaborate to provide access to blockchain data

Pocket Network & Aave collaborate to provide access to blockchain data

Decentralized Web3.0 protocol Pocket Network has reportedly partnered with open-source liquidity and lending platform Aave.

The partnership is aimed at enabling Aave to leverage Pocket Network’s distributed network of over 44,000 nodes to access on-chain data from different blockchains to drive decentralized applications (dApps).

With this partnership, developers that build Aave-powered dApps will be able to access blockchain data from Pocket Network on demand, and the implementation of Pocket Remote Procedure Call (RPC), will guarantee access to Aave dApps.

Imperative to note that the latest agreement is backed by Aave Grants Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) giving a green light to the acquisition of the required POKT for Aave’s fronted traffic.

Mainly, the decentralized model of Pocket Network aims to maximize data availability, form a censorship-resistant node network, and ultimately ensure redundancy.

According to Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Pocket Network, by offering the company’s 44,000 nodes to Aave developers, Pocket Network intends to advance capabilities and generate real-time blockchain data like smart contract state and pricing.

He emphasized on the goal of powering decentralized applications that integrate Pocket’s RPC coverage, which currently supports 50 blockchains and envisions 100 blockchains in 2022, into Aave’s liquidity market.

As per Aave, the platform uses multiple RPCs from various infrastructure providers to support its needs.

It has been reported that, despite being operational across several blockchains, a large portion of Aave’s liquidity generates on blockchain networks like Polygon, and Ethereum. Apparently, Pocket Network supplies RPCs for these blockchains.

As a Web3-centric blockchain data ecosystem, Pocket Network claims to use cost-effective economics in order to coordinate and provide data at scale and facilitates interactions between blockchains and throughout applications.

Moreover, Pocket simplifies the integration of blockchain applications into mobile apps, websites, and the internet of things (IoT), among others, offering developers the liberty to add blockchain-based applications into the ‘pocket’ of every consumer.

Source Credit: https://www.financialexpress.com/digital-currency/pocket-network-collaborates-with-aave-to-access-on-chain-data-from-multiple-blockchains/2598843/