PIP introduces non-coding PIP button to simplify blockchain payments

PIP introduces non-coding PIP button to simplify blockchain payments

PIP, a Web3 payment service provider, has recently launched a solution that seeks to help blockchain content creators augment their business by facilitating a non-invasive payment method.

This initiative is named ‘The PIP Button,’ which enables content consumers to make payments for creative content that they like in a much affordable and faster manner by integrating major blockchain systems.

Built on Solana, PIP integrates scalable cryptocurrency protocols with common social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Creators can easily transact value by incorporating the PIP button into their website and unseal an additional revenue stream.

The process can also be carried out without high intermediary fees or a single party’s permission.

To set up the PIP button, one needs to set up a wallet first through Slope Wallet or Phantom Wallet. This solution currently supports Solana tokens and transactions including USDC, SOL, PIP, RAY, KIN, SERUM, ORCA, etc. Meanwhile, the team is planning to roll out support for more major blockchains in the coming months.

The PIP button is primarily working for entrepreneurs who are building their business in fashion, music, art, and film and who are serious about integrating blockchain with their business model, even if their project is completely new or has various successful drops under their belt.

More specifically, the PIP solution allows content consumers to reward their favorite creators via blockchain technology. Although content creators can monetize their content through social networks, these legacy payment systems still require complex knowledge and coding experience.

Compared to the traditional payment system, PIP button will facilitate a gateway to the payment infrastructure in just a few clicks, without any obstacle.

The company said that incorporating PIP button would be as easy as posting a new reel/image to Instagram or publishing a WordPress post. The button will work on any platform based on Javascript, HTML, React and several third-party services such as Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

Source Credit: https://financefeeds.com/pip-launches-no-coding-button-to-simplify-blockchain-payments/