Piemonte Holding develops a blockchain asset trading platform

Piemonte Holding develops a blockchain asset trading platform

Piemonte Holding, a leading global financial institution, has reportedly unveiled a novel asset-trading platform which is completely built on blockchain technology, the very first in Latin America and Brazil.

The new tool would allow the private investors of Piemonte to trade approximately R$ 150 million in long term-security as well as investment fund units completely through the Ethereum blockchain technology, utilizing the secondary market platform developed by Piemonte.

CEO, Piemonte Holding, Alessandro Lombardi, stated that the asset-trading platform is yet another milestone in the company’s efforts to develop blockchain technology tailored to the Brazilian market.

Formed in partnership with Horizon Fintex, the leading US-based fintech firm, the platform is now available on the Apple Store for download and can also be accessed through smartphone.

Meanwhile, by issuing as well as trading securities on the Ethereum system, Piemonte plans to ensure complete transparency to both its investors and the market and also to lower the cost of transactions. The fund holders and bondholder of Piemonte could now negotiate with the firm’s as private investors in the decentralized market of Piemonte Holding. This could happen if they qualify as well as comply with the firm’s compliance standards.

The pioneering approach of Piemonte Holding to the availability of blockchain competences to the capital market is mainly concentrated on the digital change of the investment world, where mobile-based applications are efficiently used by stakeholders that at this time seek more transparency in their transactions.

By realizing this insight, the global financial group unlocks the potential to bring out easy and reasonable negotiations for all market participants, permitting financial-level inclusion within the same time as a Brazilian marketplace that has extremely high growth potential.

Founder and major shareholder of Piemonte Holding, Lombardi, stated that this move towards digital securities is unavoidable and has further brough the advantages of superior financial addition, broader entry, a novel group of investors along with enhanced compliance as well as transparency processes.

Source credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/piemonte-holding-launches-blockchain-asset-trading-platform-301235789.html