Penn Asia introduces 7Plus Coin to boost medical supply chain

Penn Asia introduces 7Plus Coin to boost medical supply chain

Thailand Based-Penn Asia, a member of the prominent- Yeh Group of companies, has recently announced the integration of digital assets, namely 7Plus Coin into its supply chain. Notably, the novel 7Plus Coin has been developed to facilitate payment and tracking of goods to ensure a seamless transaction across the Yeh Group of Companies platform.

Penn Asia expects that the Coin will be supported by many global pharmacies, hospitals, and private clinics.

Jimmy Yeh, Founder and CEO, Yeh Group, was reportedly quoted stating that through the integration of 7Plus Coin digital assets into the supply chain of medical textiles, the company will be able to ascertain its product integrity through the transparency offered by blockchain.

Jimmy added that the use of cryptocurrency by buyers, sellers, and intermediaries eases the process of business transactions, thereby streamlining its supply chain. End-users will receive high-quality products that are integral for medically approved surgical masks, PPE gowns, textile washable reusable hand gloves, and many other related medical textile products.

For the record, the 7PLUS Coin has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It covers a total supply of nearly 200Mn tokens and comprises a set of $0.1 per SV7 coin during public and private sales.

The token symbol is showcased as SV7. To ensure a smooth movement of the supply chain, 7Plus Coin- a digital asset offered by Penn Asia will work as an easy utility token tool for payments, transactions as well as the tracking of the Yeh Company’s apparel and textile products.

As of today, the digital asset market constitutes a global trading volume of approximately USD 500 billion. This market is likely to grow at a rapid rate, with trading volumes reaching trillions of dollars. Moreover, the market is becoming more legitimized. For instance, Tesla’s founder- Elon Musk recently backed the use of Bitcoin, confirming that the digital assets are on the verge of a wide acceptance.

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