NUS Computing collabs with TZ APAC to nurture next-gen tech innovators

NUS Computing collabs with TZ APAC to nurture next-gen tech innovators

TZ APAC, Asia's leading blockchain adoption platform supporting the Tezos ecosystem, has recently partnered with NUS Computing (National University of Singapore School of Computing) to launch the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence.

The new center led by Tan Sun Teck, Associate Prof. at NUS Computing, will encourage students to learn from industry experts in fields such as cloud computing, data science, and blockchain technology.

According to Prof. Tan, Singapore has built itself as a favorable destination for tech companies in breakthrough industries. The partnership between NUS Computing and the pioneering organization TZ APAC, students will have the chance to take real-world expertise at a critical point of their education.

He also added that in establishing the center for Nurturing Computing Excellence the university looks forward to raising the standards for computing education across the country as the firm nurtures the next-gen of tech talent.

Sources cite that to accelerate blockchain literacy among the students, TZ APAC will issue a blockchain developer syllabus wherein students will have the access to learn directly from TZ APAC experts across both virtual and in-person workshops, classes, and tutorials based on the practical application within the Tezos ecosystem.

Tezos envisions education as a key component of its ecosystem, and the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence comes following past engagements with other higher education institutions throughout the region, including Nagoya University, Kyoto University, and Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Colin Miles, Chief Executive Officer at TZ APAC, said that over the previous year, the company has seen enormous progress in Asia’s blockchain ecosystem and TZ APAC has contributed significantly to bolstering the growth across enterprising operations building on Tezos.

The collaboration with NUS Computing promises an advanced future in which blockchain education will not be limited to specific developer communities but will become a significant part of computing curriculums across region’s leading universities. 

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