Netflix to open video game studio in Finland post drop in subscriptions

Netflix to open video game studio in Finland post drop in subscriptions

Amir Rahimi, the creator of video games at Netflix Inc., has reportedly revealed that they are planning to set up a gaming facility in Finland, which would be headed by Marko Lastikka.

He continued by saying that it was a step in realizing their goal of creating original video games with a top-tier company. The aspiration is to produce games free of in-app purchases & advertisements and distribute them to its millions of subscribers throughout the world.

As per Amir Rahimi, it would be their second studio in Helsinki and would work alongside Next Games, which was acquired by Netflix in 2022. They would construct the studio from the ground up.

It was still early, and there was a lot of work to be done if they intend to provide a top-notch gaming experience on Netflix, Rahimi added. A game might take years to develop, but he was proud to see how they had laid the groundwork in just the first year.

Additionally, Netflix has grown its market share in the mobile game industry. The original intention was to utilize gaming as a supplement to keep subscribers interested. But it's starting to gain more widespread appeal.

The creators of Boss Fight and Oxenfree were among the developers that Netflix bought, but up to this point, none had been created from scratch, according to the sources.

More than six years after the game's PC launch and five years after its debut for iOS & Android users, Netflix just made the Oxenfree game freely accessible to its users with a subscription.

According to external sources, an average of 1.7 million people play games on a daily basis on the app which amounts to less than 1% of Netflixs 221 million customers.

This denotes that there is huge scope for the movie streaming platform to broaden its gaming division especially after losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, and over a million in the second, marking the services first subscription decrease in more than ten years.


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