NEAR joins hand with Pocket Network to improve Web3 experience

NEAR joins hand with Pocket Network to improve Web3 experience

NEAR, an application platform designed to bring blockchain to a wide variety of mainstream applications, has integrated with blockchain data platform Pocket Network to solve key Web3 problems by providing substantial bandwidth for developers to build on Web3 across blockchains.

Web3 is in buzz as the growth of cryptocurrency and non-fungible-tokens highlighted the need for decentralization. However, getting a web prepared for blockchain-based Web3 applications led to several problems like low bandwidth, lack of interoperability between decentralized applications and blockchains, and high costs. NEAR along with Pocket Network aims to solve these problems.

Pocket Network works as a decentralized Remote Procedure Call (PRC) for any blockchain network that looks forward to acting as an intermediary to enable service requests between blockchains and dapps.

Under this partnership, the platform will aim to improve experience for NEAR developers, allowing them to deploy applications on any blockchain network that is supported by Pocket Network.

Pocket Network hopes to eliminate the need for anything that goes through a web 2 infrastructure like AWS and Microsoft Azure, or a centralized platform. With this latest cooperation, both Pocket Network and NEAR node runners will be able to earn via $POKT for servicing traffic from apps, services, tools, and protocols for the first time.

Pocket Network believes that this partnership will bring many rewards, amid NEAR’s recent robust growth as a key indicator. With accelerating growth and increasing developer activities, Pocket Network aims to enhance blockchains by offering Web3 developers with feasible decentralized network options to centralized systems.

Furthermore, Pocket Network also seeks to provide more opportunities for node runners to earn revenue via $POKT for every validated request from NEAR tools, apps, services, and protocols.

In addition, the integration will enable NEAR applications to take advantage of low latency, 100% uptime, and no monthly SaaS charges.

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