Morpheus.Network to use Polygon's blockchain in supply chain operations

Morpheus.Network to use Polygon's blockchain in supply chain operations

The Morpheus.Network, a global automated supply chain management platform, has partnered with Polygon, the leading platform for infrastructure development and Ethereum scaling, to help proliferate the former’s growth and scalability and leverage Polygon's blockchain know-how.

Speaking on the partnership, Dan Weinberger, CEO of Morpheus.Network, said that the company is thrilled to collaborate with Polygon and see what the future holds as the deployment of blockchain technology elevates.

He added that the efficiency and flexibility of Polygon’s blockchain technology’s middleware platform make it unique in the industry. The partnership signifies that Morpheus.Network will stay in the market for a long term.  

It is evident that global supply chains are becoming extensively interconnected and intricate. As the business grows and expands internationally, its supply chain becomes complex, thereby the risk of disruptions increases which can put the business at financial risk.

Given the fact that global disruption is a common issue with millions of enterprises, it is essential to be familiar with the solutions to prevent supply chain hindrances and resolve them effectively. To deal with this issue businesses must look beyond the conventional alternatives such as blockchain-based supply chain to achieve the desired targets, suggest sources.

Morpheus.Network has been helping companies like Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, FedEx, Swift and SAP with new technologies.

The company’s middleware platform has witnessed large adoption by big enterprises across the globe, including Gulftainer, one of the largest port operators around the world and one of the top 5 agricultural companies globally.

As for Polygon, it helps developers in building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. With the growing set of new and innovative products, polygon provides access to all vital scaling and infrastructure solutions including sidechains, stand-alone chains, hybrid solution, data availability solutions and more.

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