LogiTron unveils new DeFi platform to support ‘Digital Twin Ecosystem’

LogiTron unveils new DeFi platform to support ‘Digital Twin Ecosystem’

LogiTron - a Florida-based private blockchain project has announced the launch of a novel DeFi platform which is expected to bring more profits to its early token holders from July 2021. The project has been working in the rapidly developing blockchain sector for over three years, beginning with small ideas to bring life to the ‘Digital Twin Ecosystem’ on its blockchain platform.

For the record, ‘Digital Twin’ is a software-based portrayal of a physical asset, process, or system which has been designed to predict, detect, and prevent through real-time analysis to offer business value.  

In addition to above, the ecosystem is widely being adopted and is easily accessible to non-experts. Earlier, only domain experts or IT professionals could use them to offer focused products that are funded by manufacturers like airplane powerhouse factories or carmakers.

Over time, the LogiTron project has expanded its scope from logistics to decentralized finance solutions. Users can open personal bank accounts on the LogiTron system and publish banking contracts, insurance contracts, market contracts, and broker contracts, among many.

Moreover, the project also offers an FX market with various other cryptos that are bounded by strict contracts. Through the technology, people can expect an ROI on each contract. Sale of the complete contract, along with profits is also permitted conditioned to made consensus.  

Sources cite that the LogiTron project will take its form on the Metaverse platform. Using DeFi, all the digital twin assets comprise different parts of the Metaverse. Additionally, DeFi will also function as a building block for how companies contract with one another.

LogiTron is planning to introduce the Metaverse platform in September’21 with various resources and geometrical data. Users will be allowed to develop, invest and exchange the digital twin assets easily. Seemingly, the token has been in circulation for many months to offer incentives to early adopters. Owners of LogiTron’s token are likely to make profits on its DeFi system from July 2021.

Source Credit: https://techbullion.com/logitron-announces-the-launch-of-a-new-profit-making-defi-platform/