Karnataka to adopt blockchain technology for secured property registration

Karnataka to adopt blockchain technology for secured property registration

In a bid to make property registration hassle-free and safe, the Karnataka government is developing a platform based on blockchain technology to facilitate online property documentation. Reportedly, this novel system, jointly developed with IIT-Kanpur, offers immutable electronic storage of property data with the help of blockchain. In simple words, data once stored cannot be edited, eliminating the risk of impersonation as well as unauthorized tweaking of records.

In a statement, Mr. Rajeev Chawla, Additional Chief Secretary(e-governance), said that this new blockchain system has received approval from the revenue department and will be adopted across the state in the next four months. No official will be able to tamper with the data unless authorized, he further added.

Elaborating further on how the technology will be used, each property holder will be provided with a property card (alike an ATM card) which may be accessed using a PIN. The details regarding the property can be accessed only after authenticating user’s PIN.

Speaking along similar lines, the information in the blockchain will be locked with the help of the card which acts as a locker. Unless consent is provided, nobody will be able to change the data.

For the users, this novel system protects property data along with removing the need to store hard copies of the documents. User can swipe the card at the designated citizen service centers like Bangalore One and print or download the same.

For the record, this new solution will also help in strengthening the revenue department’s Kaveri portal. Today, Kaveri depends on human discretion for identity verification and ownership. This new blockchain technology will reduce human discretion as the cards will prove identity and authentication.

In addition to the above, last year, data of nearly 300 properties in the Kaveri portal was compromised. A report submitted by the Department of Stamps and Registration suspected that certain officials with technical expertise had tampered with the portal.

Source Credit: https://www.deccanherald.com/state/top-karnataka-stories/karnataka-to-use-blockchain-for-property-registration-934862.html