Israeli jewelry brand unveils blockchain-based investment protection

Israeli jewelry brand unveils blockchain-based investment protection

Yvel, a Jerusalem-based family jewelry business, is foraying into the space of financial products after 36 years of traditional business.

The jewelry firm has launched an Independent Non-Fungible Security (INFS) capable of amalgamating digital assets, investments, and real-world customizable guarantees to introduce a unique financial instrument.

For those unaware, INFS connects each digital security to a physical luxury product in order to integrate non-fungible token (NFT) technology with an additional layer of investment protection.

Imperative to note that the initial INFS assets launched by Yvel are equivalent to 5,000 24-karat gold coins, wherein each coin showcases the unique placement of precious gems.

These coins provide digital ownership tools to holders, allowing them to secure the investment and benefits associated with NFT technology.

The INFS platform will be accessible to all companies, allowing them the liberty to customize guarantees, which encompass rewards associated with experiences, products, subscription services, or even profit sharing. 

Owing to the one-of-a-kind framework, company investors, as well as customers can trade to other buyers, secure INFS and profit, or reclaim the coin for Yvel jewelry worth $10,000.   

Currently, under the genesis phase, the INFS project is facilitating the purchase of up to 2,500 of the initial 5,000 gold tokens available for its accredited investors.

Despite the potential sticker shock anticipated among the accredited investors owing to the purchase price of $10,000, they can still earn up to 25% of the platform’s profits and engrave the coin to their specifications.

The purchase cost encompasses the physical Yvel coin and allows investors the option to trade in the asset for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry offering the right to the profits earned via the Yvel coin.

Yvel is also an active participant that also promotes talent from new immigrant communities and supports underrepresented groups, and is home to the Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art, an institute established for the purpose of fostering the talent and skills of Ethiopian immigrants.

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