INX Limited to list world’s first SEC registered security token in July

INX Limited to list world’s first SEC registered security token in July

INX Limited, a company that owns blockchain-led trading platforms for crypto and digital securities, has announced that its INX token is expected to be released in July 2021 and will be listed on the Openfinance Securities ATS, its digital securities training network.

The token was scheduled to be listed on an earlier date, however, data related to the listing has been pushed to July to rope in more customers, liquidity, along with advancing its platform for an added volume.

According to Shy Datika, President, INX, the company has a dedicated team that constantly works on improving technology along with bringing in novel experiences to meet growing customer demand. The extended timeline will allow INX to onboard more clients, which will eventually be an improved outcome for all users across different platforms, Shy added. 

It is worth noting that, the company has raised over USD 100 million in its security token and equity offerings in May 2021. Moreover, it was the first security token IPO which was approved by the SEC, investors, and the retail and industrial traders that participated in the round.

Seemingly, security token is supported by a tradable asset similar to equity and real estate and is strictly regulated giving it more trustworthiness.

Although it was the first IPO for security tokens, various entities are likely to take the lead and encourage the use of such tokens and initial public offerings since these are more likely to be recognized by regulators, hence withstanding any sort of scrutiny.

Over time such tokens are expected to be highly preferred by large investors across the US since they offer safety in investing in a regulated digital asset network.

For the record, the trading platform is live for its investors, family, and friends, and INX is intending to add more to its customer base by the time the INX token listing is completed. In addition to above, the firm also plans on listing other cryptos and security tokens on its network which will boost the number of users and trading volumes, gradually.

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