Investcorp introduces 1st global institutional blockchain fund in GCC

Investcorp introduces 1st global institutional blockchain fund in GCC

Investcorp, a global manager and provider of alternative investment products, has recently announced that it is launching eLydian Lion, the first institution-dedicated blockchain fund based in GCC. The fund, regulated by Investcorp’s Abu Dhabi office, will be extended worldwide and will focus on investments in companies ruling the next digital evolution based on blockchain technology.

According to sources, the blockchain fund is expected to empower investors to increase their knowledge and initial experience of the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem, which is at the vanguard of the digital transformation of the economy.

It will mainly invest in early-stage companies functioning in areas within the blockchain ecosystem like blockchain platforms and exchanges, infrastructure, decentralized finance and data analytics.

Investcorp’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Hazem Ben-Gacem, said that offering advanced and bold ideas of investment to clients, backed by a verified and well-organized approach, has been a critical element of the firm’s success over the past forty years.

The firm has demonstrated a solid track record in technology investment and will be bringing the institutional proficiency and broad reach to be aligned with this fast-growing area of technology.

Gilbert Kamieniecky, Head of Technology Private Equity business, Investcorp, said that the firm has faith that the blockchain technology and the environment around it will revolutionize the perspective of the economy the same way the internet did in the 2000s.

It has already witnessed the potential of blockchain to interrupt the current markets and create new ones, like the seismic rise of the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) market in just a few years to more than $40 billion.

This new fund is expected to support the most pioneering entrepreneurs from all over the world who are evolving the blockchain ecosystem and defining how the future digital economy will work.

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