Intelly to launch blockchain integrated real estate investment platform

Intelly to launch blockchain integrated real estate investment platform

Intelly, a London-based company that combines real estate investment with blockchain technology, has announced that it is all set to launch its highly anticipated property investment platform in July 2022. Once the platform is online, it will allow investors from all over the world to participate in both residential and commercial real-estate deals worldwide.

Ismet Tasceken, CEO and Founder of Intelly, says that by combining their years of experience in the global real estate sector with a deep-rooted understanding of blockchain technology, Intelly has built a platform that will resolve several issues related to property investment.

The decision was made amid Intelly’s successful initial coin offering (ICO) in January 2022, which introduced its native token. Furthermore, the INTL token, which will be significant to the platform, will be launched on decentralized exchange by year-end.

As the real estate investments are generally carried out domestically, investors often ignore lucrative cross-border opportunities. However, regulations regarding property purchase vary from country to country therefore investors are bound to hire brokers and lawyers easily facilitate the process. Intelly’s platform will eliminate these extra measures and costs, said Tasceken.

Moreover, with Intelly’s experience and deep knowledge of the real estate industry, users are assured to get most fruitful opportunities from across the world. Although the payments for such big purchases require several days to settle, Intelly’s easy-to-navigate interface will allow investors to make their investments quick and easy.

To validate this, Tasceken explained that for instance a real-estate investment worth $100 million can be fractionized into 100 thousand fragments of equal value. These fragments float on the platform as liquid assets and are open to potential investors or property buyers.

Fractionalization of real estate is a key offering of Intelly’s platform. With this feature, investments can be made anywhere for just 0.1 percent of the total value of the asset. Fractionalization of huge investment allows investors to access much smaller ticket sizes.

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