Infinite8 plans to leverage HeliconNFT blockchain gaming ecosystem

Infinite8 plans to leverage HeliconNFT blockchain gaming ecosystem

Multiplayer game ‘LandRocker’ set for beta release on HeliconNFT ecosystem later in 2022

Infinite8 has joined the decentralised finance (DeFi), and blockchain gaming platform- HeliconNFT who advertises itself as the Netflix and Amazon of the blockchain gaming space.

The DeFi ecosystem offers an archive of blockchain games in coherence with an NFT marketplace, which allows users to buy, sell or trade in-game assets for blockchain-based games.

After nabbing $1.2 million in funding, Infinite8 is focusing mainly on play-to-earn blockchain games, making it an ideal force for HeliconNFT’s ecosystem, which already involves Bad Fox Studio as a partner and is set to launch in third quarter of 2022.

According to NFT analytics platform NFT Go, the total market capitalisation of NFTs soared from $55 million to $16 billion in Q1 2021 with more than 22 million NFTs dispersed in the metaverse.

Moreover, credible sources have cited NFT expenditure of more than $40.9 billion last year, over exceeding the previous trends and estimations.

Essentially, 80% of the NFT market is led by a relatively smaller demographic of key investors representing greater potential for community platforms and gaming industries.

Speaking on the recent collaboration, Hamid Fathalian, Founder of Infinite8, expressed enthusiasm on teaming up with a next-gen platform like HeliconNFT, anticipating the blockchain ecosystem to lead the market in future due to its advanced innovation.

With HeliconNFT’s broad-spectrum technology and continually expanding range of services in the gaming sector, Infinite8 sees the platform as a key to unlock new levels of expansion for the already enticing possibilities of the NFT gaming world.

NFT variants offered by Infinite8’s LandRocker (play-to-earn, multiplayer game) on its platform

  1. In the form of cosmetic upgrades for combat vehicles, which restricts players from buying NFTs that can provide them a unique advantage over others
  2. NFTs capable of stimulating the performance of a player’s mining vehicle

LandRocker’s initial sale will be executed on Binance Smart Chain, with beta release scheduled in Q3 2022 on the HeliconNFT ecosystem.

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