Ibanera collaborates with Fireblocks; aims to boost crypto service offering

Ibanera collaborates with Fireblocks; aims to boost crypto service offering

One of the prominent licensed global fintech companies, Ibanera has recently announced establishing a strategic partnership with a leading enterprise-grade platform, Fireblocks that provides a secure infrastructure for storing and issuing digital assets.

For the record, Ibanera platform offers account issuance, currency exchange services, and cross-border transfers to both retail and corporate customers. Moreover, this alliance would now enable Ibanera clients to be able to make use of the Fireblocks Network to securely and safely transfer crypto fund in real-time. Fireblock’s novel technology would use multiparty computation and patent-pending chip isolation technology to secure user’s private keys, API keys and deposit addresses.

It would be essential to mention that Fireblocks offers protected rails for funds to be easily moved from cold storage or any other storage products and solutions. Besides, the platform also currently supports about twelve blockchain protocols and over 300 tokens.

Commenting on the alliance, CEO of Fireblocks, Michael Shaulov, reportedly cited that the team is elated to partner with Ibanera in an attempt to bolster its reach and expertise on a global scale. He added that offering support for Ibanera gives the company an opportunity to extend its safe and secure MPC wallet service to a licensed, innovative provider that serves various industries worldwide.

Meanwhile, Bjorn Snorrason, GM of Ibanera, in an official statement quoted its partnership with Fireblocks, which stands to be an eminent leader in digital asset security, provides an additional layer of protection for customer through use of several cryptocurrencies for balance transfers and cross-border payments.

About Fireblocks

Fireblocks is deemed to be an enterprise-grade platform which looks forward to delivering a secure and safe infrastructure issuing and storage of digital assets. It enables custodians, exchanges, banks, hedge funds, and trading desks to scale digital asset operations via patent-pending MPC and SGX technologies.

Source Credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ibanera-partners-with-fireblocks-to-enhance-crypto-service-offering-301214998.html