Huawei’s attempts at reducing manpower, simmering hope for competitors

Huawei’s attempts at reducing manpower, simmering hope for competitors

As per the latest citations, Chinese multinational technology company Huawei Technology Co. Ltd has been overseeing a wave of repeated layoffs in India over the past few months, which has somehow worked its way into being a boon for many rivals of the company in the marketplace.

Notably, nearly 6000 employees that include 4000 employees from the Bengaluru R&D center and 2000 employees from the Gurugram office have been let go from the firm in the past year.

On the bright side, however, the laid-off employees have been welcomed under their wing by Huawei’s competitors such as Bharti Airtel, Nokia India, and Ericsson India respectively.

Sources privy to the development have claimed that several engineers and technical experts who were previously engaged in developing 4G technology were hired by Airtel India as the company is one of the most prominent clients of the Chinese corporations 4G technologies.

For those unaware, operations within Huawei have been on the standstill for several months including trials on 5G technology, as the Indian government has been skeptical of the companys role regaring national security. On similar grounds, there have been reports of repeated instances wherein the tax department has raided Huawei offices on aspects of operational transparency.

It is worth noting that after releasing the manpower with generous severance packages, there are only a few hundred engineers left at the firm.

Meanwhile, Swedish networking and telecommunications company Ericsson has asserted that the growth of new technology like 5G relies heavily on the availability and productive capacity of skilled professionals.

Interestingly, on account of the steady expansion of 5G technology in India, skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of the same are in high demand across companies involved in such projects.

With India being the second-largest telecoms market in the world and the incredible data development seen there, 5G presents a tremendous opportunity for both consumers and businesses.

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