Hemp Blockchain joins FFES Environmental for carbon removal submission

Hemp Blockchain joins FFES Environmental for carbon removal submission

The Hemp Blockchain, Inc., the firm developing a blockchain-native supply chain management solution for the hemp industry, has recently announced that it has collaborated with FFES Environmental.

FFES Environmental – an indigenously owned firm – will be supporting Hemp as an ally in its XPRIZE Carbon Removal plan in the Environmental Justice portion of the competition of $100 million.

FFES is a part of Treaty 8, First Nation Tribes of Alberta, Canada, and will be providing resources and lands for creating sustainable eco-friendly communities positioned around the manufacturing and processing of hemp.

By tokenizing seizure information, the firm will augment the quality and amount of carbon credits available for buying to companies needing to offset their CO2 production for meeting their ESG and CSR commitments.

Superior carbon credits will be designed for the intended carbon credit market. With the carbon protocol initiative and blockchain technology, the company intends to exceed the existing validation standards.

Dan Higbee, CEO of the Hemp Blockchain, said that the Hemp blockchain’s environmental justice method is an ideal fit for the firm’s new partner. As of now, the firm has disconnected itself completely from the former board and has obtained 100% interest in the company. It can emphasize on the business prospects which focus on people and the planet before considering profit.

The new partners and board of directors have the desired commitment and attitude required for reconciling the natural environments and communities, along with the financial and intellectual capital for making it happen.

Aaron Pritchard, Director of FFES Environmental, said that the firm has its duty towards the communities, families, and nations for considering how the decisions made today will be impacting the descendants. There is a need for building a culture that admires the world and is grateful to the creator for the nourishment.

Furthermore, the Hemp Blockchain has also recently announced a seed round of $10 million, with preparations for Series A in the working for Q3 2022.

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