Global mobile operators partner with GSMA to build blockchain network

Global mobile operators partner with GSMA to build blockchain network

GSMA, an organization that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, has teamed up with some of the world’s leading mobile operators for building a blockchain network that would transform back-office roaming.

According to GSMA, its new private-permissioned industry-wide blockchain network, "GSMA eBusiness Network", has reached commercial maturity. The network's first series of GSMA applications intend to revolutionize the wholesale roaming clearing and settlement procedure. The network will be capable of supporting the requirements of a wide range of operator businesses.

The announcement comes after nearly four years of collaboration between GSMA and six major mobile operator organizations, who were co-founders of the GSMA's Blockchain for Wholesale Roaming (BWR) program.

Namely, the six operators include CK Hutchison, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, Orange, Vodafone, and Telefónica. These firms collaborated with GSMA to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) after multiple successful trials using blockchain technology. The project resulted in the creation of an open-source blockchain technology that optimizes the wholesale roaming settlement procedure.

These new GSMA roaming services can make roaming operations more transparent, reliable, and safe for global mobile operators. They can also increase revenue assurance by safeguarding operations such as clearing, grading, billing, and settling.

The GSMA services were created separately from the BWR project. GSMA roaming services, which are known for their accountability and transparency, are in line with BWR's open-source concepts and specifications, allowing for a multi-vendor, multi-party, and ledger-agnostic environment on the GSMA eBusiness Network.

Growing international data flows as well as the hype surrounding 5G and IoT offers a natural impetus to present wholesale roaming prices said Alex Sinclair, GSMA's CTO. Harnessing the potential of blockchain to streamline processes and minimize inconsistencies is a vital step towards improving the global mobile ecosystem and enhancing inter-operator connection.

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