FYX set to introduce competitive blockchain-based eSports platform

FYX set to introduce competitive blockchain-based eSports platform

Raleigh, North Carolina based eSports infrastructure and technology provider having expertise in blockchain solutions, FYX, has reportedly announced its plans to launch a leading eSports platform on fyxgaming.com.

For the record, FYX, was initially introduced under the Kronoverse name and is currently in its final development stage ahead of its scheduled launch in 2021. The FYX platform has unique features of blockchain technology which the company claims to provide an incredible competitive eSports experience, with native cash tournaments and matches, integrated functionalities of betting and wagering, verifiable game integrity as well as new way of monetizing for game developers.

According to the sources of knowledge, FYX platform is game engine-agnostic, having several integration options through API and SDK available to developers of all sizes right from AAA studios through small indie developers with no up-front costs of implementation. On integration, developers can gain a part of all fees from paid competitions involving their game and obtain access information pertaining to data and analytics from gameplay.

At the foundation of FYX platform, lies the Bitcoin SV blockchain, offering large-scale network with a capacity to handle large volumes of payment and data transactions at affordable cost required for enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

It has been reported that Bitcoin SV blockchain will verify player identity and offer instant tokenized fiat payments for FYX, wherein its public data ledger will permanently store individual match data in real-time.

With a publicly verifiable blockchain system, developers and players alike can compete confidently with an assurance of fair matches complying with local laws and regulations. All the players competing on FYX platform will have to undergo KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) checks prior to their enrollment to the platform. This will help in identifying information pertaining to an individual's online account and all in-game and financial activity and will provide auditable evidence of illegal or anti-competitive behavior.

Speaking of the initiative, CEO of FYX Adam Kling has stated that the company aims to change the way eSports had been played by allowing anyone to compete in matches involving real money and democratizing the gaming world. FYX offers next level of evolution in eSports landscape, generating new revenue streams for developers, while providing new level of competition, Kling added.

Source credit: https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/fyx-announces-blockchain-based-competitive-esports-platform-857472788.html