Future FinTech’s blockchain platform allows use of Bitcoin as payment

Future FinTech’s blockchain platform allows use of Bitcoin as payment

The platform can now be used by e-commerce clients that are seeking to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment alternative from consumers

Future FinTech – a leading American e-commerce platform and a fintech company, has recently announced that its Japan-based subsidiary DCON DigiPay Limited has concluded the upgradation of its novel mBTC system and technology that will allow the use of bitcoin as a mode of payment.

For the record, mBTC system is a blockchain-based system that facilitates the exchange of mBTC and BTC which has over 1,000,000:1 exchange rate as opposed to Bitcoin, so it may be easily and reliably used by consumers.

It is worth noting that, mBTC was designed and developed by DCON as a payment tool for some blockchain-based communities and has adapted its technology to become suitable for online shopping platforms.

Elaborating further on this context, mBTC has been developed on a real-time blockchain basis that helps its owners to recover their funds despite the anonymous nature of BTC.

As per a statement by Shanchun Huang, Chief Executive Officer, Future FinTech, the novel technology developed for mBTC by the company addresses the issue with regards to BTC, which is anonymous and cannot be recovered if stolen or lost.

Huang further added that the latest offering allows both BTC and blockchain technology to meet the growing consumer demands. Future FinTech aims at extending its technology not only to the e-commerce platforms but also to other payment systems that are likely to use BTC. The technology also meets the Anti-Money Laundry and Know Your Customer demands.

Seemingly, operations of FinTech include a blockchain-driven online shopping platform called – Chain Cloud Mall, which is a cross-border e-commerce system, an incubator of blockchain-based applications.  


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