French court files case of deceit against Merck for thyroid drug

French court files case of deceit against Merck for thyroid drug

A French court has reportedly filed a case citing deceitful practices against the German Pharma giant Merck & Co. Inc for failing to inform patients about the side effects of its latest thyroid drug, Levothyrox.

For those unaware, Levothyrox is a drug administered as a treatment option for a patient who has recently undergone a surgical procedure for thyroid cancer as well as for those who are suffering from underactive thyroids.

Apparently, a new version of Levothyrox was introduced in 2017. However, several patients complained of suffering from dizziness, headaches, hair loss, and insomnia post-consuming the new concoction.

After suffering from untoward side effects post consuming the drug, the patients signed a legal petition to revive the old formula, which has now received nearly 170,000 signatures.

The drug manufacturer was charged with severe deception on Tuesday i.e., 18th October after a court in southern Marseille city interrogated its President.

Notably, Mario-Pierre Stasi, the lawyer who is currently representing Merck’s France unit has claimed that the company would diligently cooperate with the French investigative team as all legal proceedings have to be executed thoroughly.

Elaborating on the case, Merck has claimed that the allegations did not cover the quality of the formula utilized in the drug Levothyrox and that the company would present all the information to prove that the production process was fully transparent, without indicators of foul play.

In March 2022, the French Supreme Court rejected Merck’s plea to overrule a lower French court’s decision in 2020, which proclaimed that the company must compensate 3300 plaintiffs related to the case.

It is worth mentioning that France boasts one of the largest client bases for the German pharmaceutical company, with an average of 2.5 million users of the drug.


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