FD7 Ventures backs BitcoinBlack to support crypto-payment in Canada

FD7 Ventures backs BitcoinBlack to support crypto-payment in Canada
  • The recent investment will facilitate the development of BitcoinBlack
  • BitcoinBlack will issue about 1,000 of its exclusive cards to Canadian users by 2021

FD7 Ventures- a Dubai-based global cryptocurrency investment fund has reportedly announced an investment in BitcoinBlack, purchasing nearly 33% Class A voting common shares in the company. As per sources close to the matter, the funding will be used to support the development of BitcoinBlack which deems itself as the “The World’s Most Exclusive Metal Black Card”.

The crypto credit card firm will deliver its inaugural batch of all-metal black credit cards to its first hundred Canadian customers on the 15th of June 2021.

According to Mark Holland, Chief Marketing Officer at BitcoinBlack, its clients will be able to spend their Bitcoin globally wherever payment through VISA is accepted along with access to several VIP perks like access to a private jet, luxury car, and many hotel deals as well invite to various special invite-only cryptocurrency events.

As per a statement by BitcoinBlack, its team is expected to issue only 1,000 of their exclusive cards in the year 2021.

Prakash Chand, Managing Partner at FD7 Ventures, was reportedly quoted stating that the company has invested in BitcoinBlack to strengthen the adoption of crypto and Bitcoin across Canada. It gives its users the ability to use Bitcoin as a way to facilitate purchases in a secured and familiar manner.

Notably, in the last several years, metal credit cards have surfaced as an indication of prestige providing a sense of luxury. BitcoinBlack is apparently Canada’s first Bitcoin-based credit card payment solution as well as its novel VIP-level Bitcoin credit card.

In addition to the above, the metal black credit card by BitcoinBlack will connect to its wallet which can be downloaded by all cardholders.

Source Credit: https://www.financialbuzz.com/fd7-ventures-invests-in-bitcoinblack-canadas-first-bitcoin-credit-card-2/