EV Battery Tech plans to develop payment solution based on blockchain

EV Battery Tech plans to develop payment solution based on blockchain

Vancouver-based blockchain and battery technology firm, Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corporation has disclosed plans to develop a payment solution based on blockchain technology for its upcoming product line of EV Smart Charger. The company is mainly into the development of EV battery products, blockchain solutions related to EV infrastructure.

With the declaration of a crypto-based payment alternative to its products, EV Battery Tech believes that it will be able to offer comprehensive infrastructural services.

CEO of EV Battery Tech, Bryson Goodwin, stated that the company aims at offering consumers convenient access to EV charging infrastructure that matches the efficiency of currently functioning gas service stations. Teams developing hardware and software have a keen eye on the needs of the EV market and the company plans to cater to those needs by developing premium products and technologies.

EV Battery Tech has been fairly active in product launches since the beginning of 2021. The company unveiled the Titan EnergyCore, IoniX Pro Home SmartWall, the RV Freedom Battery, and the EV Smart Charger. All these products use the company’s patented remote battery management system (BMS) that is powered by AI technology.

Software-wise, the company has developed a smart application for both Android and iOS devices whilst developing the ACDC blockchain. Using the application, users can remotely monitor, diagnose, and control their EV Battery Tech products.

About the company:

EV Battery Tech Corp. is a battery and blockchain technology company and uses the proprietary battery management system (BMS) developed for catering to the ever-growing demand for smart, scalable solutions by the energy storage solution and EV markets.

The company offers recycling programs using their EV technology to refurbish used batteries and assist in the mission of providing global recycling solutions.

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