eProvenance and IBM unveil new VinAssure blockchain-powered platform

eProvenance and IBM unveil new VinAssure blockchain-powered platform

IBM, the leading multinational technology giant, and eProvenance, a prominent Franco-American enterprise that specializes in analysis and monitoring of wine shipment conditions, have reportedly announced plans to create a novel ecosystem for the wine industry by leveraging the power of blockchain.

The novel system, named VinAssure, is an innovative IBM blockchain-driven platform that is specifically designed to offer users a smarter, insightful, as well as safer way to track wine shipments as they move through the distribution as well as transportation process, from the vineyard to the customer.

For instance, using product identifiers like a QR code on the wine bottle, customers can learn everything about that bottle of wine, including its origin, flavor profiles and provenance, and whether that wine fulfills certification standards for biodynamic, organic, and other sustainability practices.

VinAssure operates on IBM Cloud and highlights another success for Blockchain Transparent Supply of IBM, an innovative technology platform that allows enterprises to develop blockchain-enabled data-sharing and collaboration systems with their supply chain partners. This new solution has already been adopted by corporations from numerous industries, which includes pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and retail.

The platform also consolidates the existing solution portfolio of eProvenance, including tools for analyzing and monitoring shipment as well as supply chain conditions, not just for wine but for other products that are susceptible to humidity or temperature fluctuations.

In fact, eProvenance has already announced De Maison Selections to be the first VinAssure member. De Maison Selections is a U.S.-based importer of wines, spirits, and cider from independent winemakers in France and Spain.

Other members of wine industry are also planning to join VinAssure, including a renowned Bordeaux-based winemaker and négociant, Maison Sichel, and one of the biggest wineries across the U.S., Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.

As and when the membership grows, supply chain consumers as well as members would be able to access the data from all across the supply chain, right from vineyard through the complete transport and delivery process, all information would be stored and validated on the blockchain.

Source credit: https://www.verdict.co.uk/eprovenance-ibm-blockchain/